Case Studies: CHFA

Anne has been working with CHFA since 2017, with a goal of improving their outreach to young Latino/a families, encouraging them to see home ownership as a realistic goal.

The first phase of work for CHFA took place in late 2017 and involved a series of focus groups designed to uncover perceptions about homebuying among millennial Latino/as, and to refine CHFA’s current brand design and messaging to better reach that demographic group.

Anne hosted focus groups across the Front Range to gather data. Key informant interviews were conducted with real estate professionals who work with the Latino/a population. A discussion guide in English and Spanish was produced in collaboration with CHFA staff.

Findings from the discussions were tabulated, and recommendations for messaging, branding, and outreach were presented to CHFA and its numerous stakeholders over a period of months.

The findings have resulted in an approved slate of outreach activities, including an 8-episode “mini-novela” that shows a young professional Latina going through the homebuying process for the first time and utilizing CHFA resources. Anne worked with producer Carlos Mireles and a team from CHFA to script, cast and shoot the videos in “Spanglish,” a commonly used combination of English and Spanish. The series will soon appear on a redesigned Spanish language micro-site within the CHFA website.

Presently, Anne is working with CHFA to develop and train two Latino/a spokespeople who can describe their CHFA experience on Spanish language radio and in other venues. The new micro-site which hosts the videos is called “Mi Hogar” and launched in early 2020.